We're glad to have you here exploring the lives of many deaf Chicago people and their families.

Hiring deaf people in Chicago is nothing for this local pest control company!

Many businesses believe it will be difficult to teach a deaf person to do the work that a normal person does. The owner of Scotty’s Pest Control disagrees. Scott Fisher believes that if the person is willing to do the work and provides enough work ethic to keep up than anyone can come work for him.

To most people evening interacting with people who are different than you can be difficult. Others like myself and Scott embrace people who are different. Maybe it’s because we feel differently than most people. I may not be able to speak for Scott but I sure believe this way.

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Art in the lives of Chicago deaf lives!

There are many deaf musicians out there today. With today’s world, deaf people have more opportunities to learn and thrive. Living a close to normal life is a guarantee for many Chicago¬†deaf citizens. For this couple art came in a form of acting.


Being deaf it’s hard to come by a movie you can watch and not have to read so often. These great actors are on an amazing journey to the top with these skills. If you’re interested¬†in hearing all the amazing stories left behind through years by great lives.

Even great businesses have stories embedded in deaf lives. The owner of Orlando Custom Tint, John Ewell tells us his personal experience with deaf lives.

“The will to live and prosper can’t be taken away from a person like their sight can be.” – John


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Chicago Deaf Stories

Chicago Deaf stories describe the lives and experiences of deaf people of all walks of life that lived in this city during the 20th century.


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